Our Edge

Our Patented Speed Reducer Technology

Our screens are manufactured with our exclusive, patented "Slow-Close" Speed Reducer. This hydraulically controlled device slows the screen return into the housing, assuring frail or small hands are not caught in the screen as it closes. It provides for a smooth retraction that prevents tearing of the material and abrasion of parts. The ClearView Retractable Screen Systems is the only brand offering a proven "Slow-Close" speed reduction system. Others have tried to imitate it, but none have matched ClearView's superior quality and innovative design.

What Sets Us Apart

Every component of the ClearView retractable screen is manufactured with the highest grade materials. We use the thickest gauge aluminum for lasting durability. Our powder coat is of the highest grade possible to ensure longevity, we use no plastic where other brands do, nylon will not deteriorate the way plastic will. Our speed reducer is the only patented speed reducer in the industry and comes with every door, this is not an extra charge.

Patented Slow-Close Speed ReducerTM
Patented design lets door retract at safe speed preventing damage and slamming effect.

Flexible Mounting Design
Specifically designed to mount on the surface or in the recess area of any door or window. Left or right openings.

12 Standard Colors
300 custom colors and 20 different types of wood grain finishes.

Heat/U.V. Resistant Nylon Components
Powder Coated Finishes
Greater strength and durability for a long lasting appearance.

Made in America
Supporting the American workforce.

Fully Enclosed Housing
Ensures support in a dirt free environment.


At ClearView we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide products that are effective, aesthetically pleasing, and made with quality parts that last. Our attention to detail and drive to go beyond what is expected has helped us create our patented speed reducing technology and incomparable retractable screen systems.


We enforce a detailed quality control and inspection process in order to provide you with a product that will last a lifetime. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our retractable screen systems to ensure you receive a product that exceeds your expectations.

Made in USA

We are proud to say that our retractable screen systems are made in the United States. By manufacturing locally, we are able to provide our customers with a product they can count on, and focus on our main objective of our customers' satisfaction.